Eyelash Extensions


You can have the long, full lashes that you have always wanted! we gaurantee that everyone will think the beautiful individual lashes are yours! Be prepared to receive daily compliments on your lashes!


Silk and Mink eyelash extensions - lightweight, barely there feel, with a natural but enhanced appearance.


Full Set - $200 (natural), $250 (dramatic), $150 (returning clients)

Touch ups - 1 hour : $50, 1.5 hour : $75, 2 hours : $100

Extension Removal - $40 and up

FAQs about eyelash extensions


What are eyelash extensions? Lightweight lash extensions are bonded to your natural lashes, individually...lash by lash. The extensions are pre-curled and come in various sizes. Lash extensions drastically enhance your eyes by adding length, thickness, and fullness to your eyelashes.

How long do they last? With regular touch-ups, lashes can last indefinitely. Touch ups are a preference of the client, but are recommeded every 2-3 weeks after initial application. A touch up consists of replacement and filling in  of any lash extensions that have fallen off. The growth cycle of your natural lashes is usually 45-60 days, so the extension will come off when your mature natural lash sheds.

How long is the initial application process?  First application can take between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

Prior to your appt - Eyes should be free of makeup and mascara. Contacts should be removed, so please bring eye glasses with you to wear home.

Aftercare - Please do not rub or scratch eyes. Avoid all oil based products around the eyes. Any eye creams, eye makeup removers, lotions or cleansers with oils, glycols, carbonates, or silicone should be avoided because these products can loosen the bond of the extensions....causing them to fall out faster than normal. Also, constant use of mascara and/or gel eyeliner can shorten the life span of your lash extensions....especially water proof products.